Visit a Rehearsal

If you love to sing and can hold a tune, then we would love to meet you!

You don’t need to read music or have a trained voice - just be able to sing in tune and hold your part. You don’t even need experience - just a willingness to learn techniques such as breathing, vocal and visual performance skills.

We learn our songs by using MP3 tracks and sheet music. Vocalise in the car on the way to work or while  vacuuming and the music is learnt in no time!


Come along to a rehearsal to see what we do.

7:00pm, Wednesday evenings
Mamaku Community Centre, Inglewood

If you decide you'd like to keep coming along then you’ll have an initial voice check to place you into one of the four voice parts according to your range – bass, baritone, lead or tenor. 


Our music is based on four-part chords sung a capella (without accompaniment).
• Leads - sing the tune.
• Basses - have deeper voices – the foundation of the chord.
• Baritones - sing harmony part, above the basses and usually below the lead.
• Tenors - sing the bell-like notes at the top of the harmony, for higher voices.

When you've decided you would like to join us we will give you a song to audition with. You'll need to attend several rehearsals before you're ready to audition. We support you all the way through this process.
Once you pass your audition the chorus votes on accepting you as a member and then you're one of us!

Being a member of Taranaki Harmony Chorus gives you opportunities to develop your vocal and performance skills during rehearsals, at weekend coaching workshops and a variety of local and national events.
Each year, usually in May, choruses from around New Zealand compete at national competitions, we usually compete every other year and attend for fun in the inbetween year.

What are you waiting for?

Be warned – singing four part harmony is seriously addictive!

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